Stay Connected

During these times of uncertainty and recent weeks of having to stay in, there has been no better time to look at the TV, quite literally, all 28.5 million of them in the UK alone. Statistics from confirm that the average UK family watch over 19 hours of TV every week, not including streaming services such as Netflix, and more than 13.3 million homes have a subscription view-on-demand service (SVOD) such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. The figures post-COVID-19 will be off the charts, of this, there is no doubt.

It’s a Thursday and the entire family are distracted in various rooms and then what happens – The signal drops out. You yourself don’t know this because you are trying to home school an eleven-year-old with the lappy balanced on the kitchen counter between checks of your work email. It’s announced with a blood-curdling screech by a raging teen who was until that moment silent and diverted. 

Suddenly the eerie serenity that enveloped your place of sanctity is plunged into utter television screen freezing and buffering chaos. Painstaking moments with young hostile eyes boring into the back of your head ensue, as you struggle with the cables and connections, silently praying for a miracle as you tackle the TV unit, cursing your other half for not having mounted it to the wall as promised before last Christmas. Its fruitless, nothing – Someone has unplugged your teens ONLY source of delight and from this disaster, you have no escape.

Not all heroes of late are delivery drivers and NHS workers, luckily for you, they also come in the guise of the excellent professional engineers from MAC Digital, the local reliable Essex based company who offer a swift call-out at prices you can afford.  Mac Digital has built an excellent reputation throughout Essex, proud with the quality of work provided, which is why many new customers are through word of mouth. With a wealth of experience in digital TV and radio repairs and installations as well as CCTV and all major brands and providers of digital television needs including Freesat, Freeview or Sky, MAC Digital cover it all. 

And while you get the kettle on, they’ll even wall-mount the TV.

For immediate assistance, please call the friendly experts on 01621 770098 or 07565 340 352 or email them at