So, we’re allowed out again, which is fabulous. But many of us have spent so much time in, there are those butterflies, which is only to be expected. There are many many statistics about burglary in the UK, but we won’t terrorize you with those, you need peace of mind, not nightmares and that is where the experts at MAC Digital come in. They offer high quality intruder alarms for both your home and business premises, and by installing a burglar alarm you are reducing the chances of you becoming a victim of crime. They also act as a real deterrent too.

Visible alarm boxes are a great deterrent to opportunistic burglars. Having a MAC Digital alarm box with a flashing light indicates constant monitoring which gives peace of mind to you and you can keep your security with you at all times. Your alarm system can be set and unset simply, using a smart key fob or via an app on your mobile phone. It can be accessed by those in your family via a selected password memorable to you. If a fob goes missing it can be simply deleted from your system – in case it falls into the wrong hands and it can be easily replaced if necessary.

All MAc digital alarms are unique to you, you select your preferences and MAC Digital will accommodate your needs and that’s why MAC Digital alarms are always bespoke to your requirements. It’s easy to manage your alarm system through a fixed keypad that can be installed anywhere within your home by qualified professionals. It works in conjunction with the key fob and mobile app. The large keypad and clear layout allows you to carry out tasks in minimal time, such as arming and disarming your system.

MAC Digital are the only local reliable Essex based company who offer a swift call-out at prices you can afford.  Mac Digital have built an excellent reputation throughout Essex over many years, proud of the quality of the service and work provided, which is why many new customers are simply through word of mouth. With a wealth of experience in digital TV and radio repairs and installations as well as CCTV and all major brands and providers of digital television needs including Freesat, Freeview or Sky, MAC Digital covers it all. They are your one stop-shop for all things tech. And while you get the kettle on, they’ll even wall-mount the TV. For immediate assistance, please call the friendly experts on 01621 770098 or 07565 340 352 or email them at