Go Out Out in Confidence

So, we’re allowed out again, which is fabulous. But many of us have spent so much time in, there are those butterflies, which is only to be expected. There are many many statistics about burglary in the UK, but we won't terrorize you with those, you need peace of...

Stay Connected, Stay Entertained, Stay Happy

During these times of uncertainty and recent weeks of having to stay in, there has been no better time to look at the TV, quite literally, all 28.5 million of them in the UK alone. Statistics from confirm that the average UK family watch over 19 hours of TV...

CCTV – An Effective Tool In The Fight Against COVID-19 Or Not?

CCTV – An Effective Tool In The Fight Against COVID-19 Or Not?

When & Where It All Started? The whole world is currently facing an unprecedented pandemic situation where ‘an invisible enemy’ is quietly changing our entire lives and imposes entire new daily normality. Yes - it is the COVID-19 or the so-called ‘Coronavirus’ that...

Aerials through History

Aerials through History

As one of the most popular devices used in transmission of signal to produce images, the aerial has evolved massively. From big and bulky to small and sleek. But where did we start? The first development of the TV Aerial dates all the way back to the 1830s. It was not...

Keep Your Home Secure With Mac Digital

Keep Your Home Secure With Mac Digital

Ways To Deter Criminals From Targetting Your Property The number one thing on many homeowner’s minds is often regarding how secure their home is. For some people, the thought of anything bad happening in their neighborhood would never cross their minds. But it’s...

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